Where in the World is Katie Bergin?

Hi. I'm Katie Bergin, and I think that feet are essential to transportation. Sure, you hop in your car, you walk to work, or pedal your bike, but it's still your feet doing the work - correct? See where my feet take me by reading Where in the World is Katie Bergin.

I'm a 24 year old resident of Bergen County, NJ.

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So I had no idea I made it onto the GSR @gardenstaterollergirls website and I thought what better time to brag about it than the night before the double header tomorrow night.

Junior derby bout followed by an intra league bout! Come hang out in Rahway and have some fun with your favorite derby players and officials. Follow the GSR tag for info about online tix or door prices. #rollerderby #gardenstaterollergirls #newjersey #GSR

@thereal_altj tonight at LPR with @beccaspiegel. #altj #nprmusic (at (le) poisson rouge)

Every. Episode. Ever. #thesimpsons

Best day ever with Tippy at The Castle. Got two open skate sessions for the price of one, drank some beers and watched go karters, played air hockey, hit up the batting cages and then took some go karts around the track. In short, when your friend calls you up and says, “Let’s go skate,” you say yes. #derby #skating #thecastle #officialsdoitbetter (at The Castle Fun Center)

at Masago Ridgewood

Slightly domesticated rabbits kind of just run wild here, I think I’ll stay. (at Blackthorne Resort)

Domesticated rabbits kinda just rub wild around here, I think I’ll stay. #catskills (at Blackthorne Resort)

I didn’t feel one way or the other, Four Square, so thanks!

Besties looking precious. We watched Frozen tonight. #100happydays #day6 #pickingupwhereileftoff

Didn’t have a chance to post this one last night. Out with friends in Pearl River last night, good times.

Beers with one of ma bestest friends, Amanda Dow! She wasn’t happy with any of these pictures, so I posted them all anyway!

Rabbits make me happy. My family had a rabbit for 13 years and Hopper was the coolest thing ever. Seeing this wild guy in my backyard made me happy today.

Roller derby.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here on WiTWiKB?, and honestly, awhile since I’ve written anything of substance.

I’ve been pretty sad for the past year: my dad died a year ago today. I dreaded the arrival of this day for months until I read about a project called 100 Happy Days. The idea is to take a picture of something that makes you happy each day and share it. I decided to start this project on the anniversary of my father’s passing to circumvent the sadness that I figured would be inevitable. Happiness is always a choice, so today on what should be a sad day, I chose happy instead.

Did I cry today? You bet, but I also smiled every time a thoughtful ‘thinking of you’ message was sent my way. My dad may no longer be with us, but I’ve still got a really wonderful family and support system to keep me going, always giving me reasons to be happy. So here is day one, me at my father’s niche.

Memorializing my childhood bike. My grandparents got this for me for my communion when I was younger. I loved that sweet banana seat. Today I donated it so that another child gets to enjoy it as much as I did.